Songs to introduce your non-Kpop friends to

K-pop is the universal language.. you kind of get everything thrown in there! EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rock, Singer-songwriter, Indie.

Everyone has their own list. Here is mine, kind of like a mini playlist to get everyone started. Also covers all the major groups out there so when these names get thrown around you/they’ll know what’s up! I’ll make a separate indie one later. These are all on Apple Music and I’m sure they’re all on Spotify as well:

Big Bang.. ok really if you are 8-80 you really can’t go wrong with any Big Bang songs..Get them all

  • Bang Bang Bang / Fantastic Baby
  • If You / Loser
  • FXXK It / Sunset Glow / Sober


  • KoKoBop
  • Monster


  • Serendipity / Best of Me / Butterfly / Save Me
  • Run / Blood Sweat Tears


  • Girls Girls Girls / You Are / Never Ever
  • I Like You / Just Right / Look

Eric Nam:

  • Honestly
  • Can’t Help Myself / You, Who?
  • Hold Me / Spring Love


  • Good Day
  • Palette / Someday
  • You & I


  • Hot Summer / Electric Shock
  • Deja vu / Danger

Super Junior

  • Sorry Sorry Sorry
  • Black Suit
  • Super Duper / Mr. Simple

Misc songs:

Winner: Everyday // NCT (U/127/Dream): Baby Don’t Stop,  Boss // Wanna One: Boomerang // Pentagon: Shine // iKON: Love Scenario // Mamamoo: Starry Night // Red Velvet: Bad Boy // Epik High: Love Story // Twice: Like, What is love // DEAN: Instagram // Miss A: Bad Girl Good Girl

You can listen to most of the songs on here:


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