hmm….if you read my blog, you probably already know a lot about me!

I’m 28, and I graduated from Bentley [University] with a BA in Media & Culture. My school is traditionally a Business school. I come from a pretty diverse background, too. I am 100% Vietnamese, but I was born in Bruxelles, Belgium. I’ve grown up in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and of course, the United States. My entire life has been spent traveling the world. I’m pretty sure I caught the wanderlust bug when I was born.

My blog is pretty random because I’m a pretty random person. Depending on who I’m with I can be an extrovert, introvert or just plain weird. I’m a geeky girl. By ‘geek’ I mean, I love watching sci-fi and I don’t play video games but I love reading about or researching why people do. I love reading about fandom and fan cultures and especially love all things Joss Whedon.

A lot of my blog has to do with my travels with work, so what do I do for a living? Well basically I tour with bands. It means I travel with the band when they tour the country to play concerts for their fans.  I get to travel with the band in their bus/van/RV and I get paid by the band like any other normal job.  I sell their merchandise- t-shirts, CDS, other chotchkies. It’s actually a lot of hard work and does require effort and creativity (as well as dealing with lots of drunk people). I’m also a pretty rad street team coordinator. I work as a freelance consultant for bands for all things music. I do online and street promotion and help bands find merchandise designs.

I have a lot of hobbies including cooking and photography. I’m not really a good baker, but I consider myself a pretty good cook and my days are filled with FoodGawker and Food Network and Bravo’s Top Chef!! Chicken is my kyrptonite so I just decided to make it easy (or..difficult depending on who you ask) and go veg. 10 years from now I will own my own coffee shop/little eatery and will give up this crazy music business life. But for now, being a foodie is a hobby. I’m into all kinds of photography but lately I’ve been challenged by some 35mm & 120mm film lately.

I just moved to Austin from Boston and I’m trying to meet new people so a lot of my blog will probably focus on that new goal as well as what I’m discovering about my new city! Stay tuned and say hello!!

So, that’s me in a nutshell. If there’s more, trust me, I’ll update!

Thanks for stopping by!



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